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South Shore Dental in Alameda

Dr. Thomas A. Eischeid is a dedicated, caring dental professional with over 30 years experience right here in Alameda.  He is both passionate and compassionate about his patients needs and puts their health and wellness first.

Dr. Thomas Eischeid resides here in Alameda, California with his lovely family; he is active in the business community as well as with charitable organizations.


Our Purpose:
  To provide
dental health care
to your
satisfaction & comfort. 

South Shore Dental is a full service family dental practice

Dr. Eischeid's many years of experience and careful attention to detail will have your feeling secure and supported throughout
your dental care process.

Specializing in:
     •  Dental Implants 
•  Crowns- Latest breakthrough, nonmetal crowns
     •  Bridge Work
     •  Expert Porcelain and Denture Laboratories
     •  Professional Dental Cleaning and Deep Scaling 
 •  Miracle Vertical Bite Appliance
     •  Cutting edge laser healing treatment to enhance dental procedures: relax neck and head muscles to promote comfort,
overall  health and healing.

Specialty - Dental Implants
If you are in need of dental implants you have come to the right place! 
Dr. Eischeid's team of dental professionals aim to achieve a successful experience with your dental implant process.  Whether teeth are lost to an accident, disease or have been missing since birth, dental implants are  the next best thing to natural teeth. Dr. Eischeid applies a state of the art healing therapy mechanism to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly; heals more comfortably and quickly.

  Placement -  The specialist will place the implant and form the gum    tissue around the implant.                                
  Healing - The bone around the implant should grow and integrate with the   implant surface in just a few months. 
  Temporary restoration - If the implant is in a visible area, a temporary tooth restoration may be placed while the site heals.
  Placement of abutment - When healing is complete, Dr. Eischeid, your restoring dentist will place the abutment, a small piece that connects the implant to the crown.  An impression will be taken and the final crown will be ordered from the lab.
  Final crown - When the final crown is returned from the lab, the temporary tooth will be removed and the final crown will be put into place.







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Specialty - The Balanced Bite Guide to address TMJ

Restores Loss Posterior
Releases Tight Jaw Muscles (TMJ)
Restores Blood to the Brain
Restores Facial Symmetry (TMD)
Controls Jaw Clicking & Jaw Pain
Helps Control Headaches
Enhances Endocrine System
Increases Energy Level

"I had severe pain on my right side clear up to my ear including constant headaches.  I had been to many doctors and was finally sent to an ENT, he discovered I had a TMJ problem.  Dr. Eischeid made me a Balanced Bite Guide and I have not had a headache or pain since." - Holly

"I had whiplash from a car accident, my neck was in pain for many years including horrible headaches so bad at times I found myself on my hands and knees vomiting.  I went to chiropractors and physical therapists and did various exercises with no lasting relief.  I discovered the Balance Bite Guide and within 10 days I had relief to the point where I wasn't getting the headaches.  I felt much more clear headed, my hearing and vision improved, it was just absolutely nothing shy of miraculous.  I do not get heachaches or neck pain any more."  Dixie

In the book The Cerebral Cortex of Man W.G. Penfield (ground breaking Neurosurgeon) stated that over 50% of the brain is devoted to the oral-mandibular region.

Dr. Miyahara M.D. tested over 100 different medical conditions, 75 or the 100 medical conditions improved by 75% after one month of using a simple template placed on the back teeth (similar to the Balanced Bite Guide).


We are happy to answer your questions or concerns, please call
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